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DigiCom New TV Screen Cleaning Kit, Deluxe Kit Specially formulated for Plasma, LCD & DLP TVs
Brand: DigiCom
Part Number: DC129

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Product Details:
With the transformation of todays technology into high resolution Plasma and LCD screens comes a clearer more brilliant picture that has never been experienced before. Unfortunately these items through the day to day use tend to act as a magnet attracting dust and fingerprints. As a result you get diminished picture clarity. Using a common glass cleaner is not a choice. Using harsh alcohol or ammonia based cleaners can streak or scratch your screens protective coating. This can result in expensive damage. The Digicom screen cleaning liquid has been specially formulated to resist drippage therefore preventing it from rolling down into the delicate corners of your screen causing damage. The liquid also contains no alcohol, ammonia or any other harsh detergents and has been formulated to reduce the static electricity that attracts dust. The included shammy cloth has been designed to be lint free and wont scratch or streak your equipment, leaving you with a clear and brilliant picture.

Key Features
  • Spray evenly and directly onto screen
  • Wipe gently using shammy cloth
  • Enjoy A crystal clear picture
  • Alcohol free formula
  • Special drip free liquid
  • Reduces static
  • Lint free shammy cloth
  • Streak free
  • Remove dust and fingerprints
  • Fresh scent