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Whistler RLC-100 Red Light / Speed Camera Detector (Black)
Brand: Whistler
Part Number: RLC100

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Product Details:


Whistler RLC-100 Red Light Camera detectors (RLC) compares a vehicle's current location through GPS satellite technology against an on-board database of thousands of known red light camera and speed camera locations. Product features: High Sensitivity GPS Antenna, Updatable Camera Database, Free Updates For One Year, Dual Alert Display, 7 Segment Digital Readout, Current Speed Reading With Max Hold Feature, Manual Entry Function for up to 100 Locations, Digital Clock, MPH / KPH Option, Tripmeter, Selectable Speed Warning, 12 Volt Power Outlet.


  • Brand Name: Whistler Radar
  • Model: RLC-100


    Height (inches): 10.2 inches
    Width (inches): 8 inches
    Weight: 16 Ounces