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Poly-Planar iPod Stereo Interface
Brand: Poly-Planar
Part Number: IP100


Product Details:
Stereo Interface for iPod

The IP-100 Interface for Ipod is an all-in-one solution designed to interface an Ipod with a PolyPlanar MRD-60 or MRD-70 Stereo. This unique device allows full track-up, track-down, FFWD and RRWD control of an Ipod directly from the stereo or remote, just like a factory CD changer. To further enhance operation, the Ipod's display and click-wheel remains functional. The IP-100 receives CD quality sound from the Ipod and sends it to the radio via the CD changer port, eliminating the need for noisy RF modulators. While connected, the IP-100 keeps the Ipod charged and ready to go.