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Duracell Instant Jumpstart System
Brand: Duracell
Part Number: 854170707


Product Details:
Instant Jumpstart System

The ultimate rechargeable, portable emergency power solution to boost a vehicle battery

Jump-start your vehicle in an emergency

The Duracell® Instant Jumpstart System is the ultimate rechargeable, portable, emergency power solution for dead vehicle batteries. The built-in emergency light provides allows you to see under the hood in the dark, and the reverse-polarity indicator ensures the included jumper cables are correctly connected to the battery terminals. The 400 cold-cranking amps will jumpstart most vehicles and the DC outlet will power most 12-volt devices. The Duracell® Instant Jumpstart System is lightweight, easy-to-use and eliminates the need for a second vehicle to jump-start your dead batteries.

Product Features:
  • 400-amp starting capacity
  • Built-in light for emergency situations
  • One DC socket for operating
  • 12-volt devices
  • LED gauge for monitoring the battery
  • Jumper cables conveniently attached to the unit for neat, easy storage