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DC Gold N5C 5-1/4 Classic Series Speakers - Black - 8 OHM
Brand: DC Gold
Part Number: N5CBLACK8OHM

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Product Details:

OHM - 8
Color - Black

These 5 1/4 speakers are smooth yet detailed and very efficient. Being both waterproof and UV resistant these speakers would be great in almost any setting; on your boat, in-wall stereo/home theater or patio. As a stand alone full-range in cabinet works great in a 1/3 cu ft sealed box - will have depth, detail and highs all without a crossover and separate woofer and tweeters. These speakers are +/- 3 dB from 45 Hz to 19 kHz. The efficiency is at 91 dB so will play well with most decent amps or receivers with at least 25 watts RMS per channel. They are rated at 80 watts continuous and 300 watt peaks. A complete surround with a set of these will blow your mind.