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Beltronics V940BEL Vector 940 Radar/Laser Detector with Text Display and Voice Alerts
Brand: Beltronics
Part Number: V940BEL

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Product Details:


The perfect accessory for the economical driver. When you think about how much just one speeding violation will cost you, The Vector 940 still has 6 times the range of imports, and covers you for all US Radar and Laser Bands, all at an affordable price.

Features and Specifications:

1. Pwr (power/start-up mode) button:
pressing & holding pwr will turn the unit on.
continuing to press the pwr button will scroll
through the start-up mode options: normal, mods
(modifications), q-start (quick start), tutorial mode.
2. Text message display: communicates all mode
selections (i.E. Dim, dark, city, highway and
automute) & confirms radar band & signal
strength, presence of laser & swst messages
3. Drk (bright/dim/dark) button: provides bright,
dark & fully adjustable dim settings of the text
display for discreet night travel. Audio alerts are not
4. Cty (city/highway/autoscan) button: choose
between autoscant, highway, city x or city all
(x/k/ka) filtration modes.
5. Aud (auto-mute/volume control) button:
provides manual muting of all radar & swst alerts.
pressing & holding the aud button will change the
audio level.
6. Antenna opening: radar & swst signals are
received by a patented diecast antenna with
integrated transition to microstrip mixer.
7. Laser optical sensors: collect laser signals from in
front & behind.
8. Audio alert speaker: all audible alerts & digital
voice messages are emitted from this location.
9. Power jack: using the straight or coiled cord, operates in any vehicle
with a 13.8 volt dc negative ground system (10.5 volt to
15.5 volt range).