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Winegard RT1200S RoadTrip Satellite Dish Road Trip SD 12" HD Ready Camper TV Antenna RV Mobile, DVB Technology, Dish Network, DirecTV and Express Vu, White
Brand: Winegard
Part Number: RT1200S

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Product Details:


Designed with you in mind, the RoadTrip SD (stationary) and SDi (in-motion) satellite TV antennas are equipped with all the same great features as our popular Movin’ View line, packed into a lower-profile dome. The RoadTrip SD and SDi are just 12” high, no taller than a roof-top air conditioning unit, which makes them a great choice for RVs with height restrictions, or for those who want to minimize the appearance of the satellite on top of the RV.


One Button Operation: The RoadTrip will automatically locate and lock onto the desired satellite signal within minutes with just the flip of a switch.

Compatible with DISH Network and DIRECTV: The RoadTrip antennas receive DIRECTV (101 & 119) and DISH Network (110 & 119) satellite signals throughout the majority of the continental U.S.

In-Motion Automatic Toggle: All Winegard Automatic Satellite Systems feature Automatic Toggle. By changing channels on your Satellite Receiver's Remote Control, your RoadTrip will automatically switch from the primary satellite to secondary satellite automatically - no need for a separate satellite switch.


Utilizes DVB technology for fast and accurate searches.
RoadTrip delivers maximum signal reception through a revolutionary antenna design and a superior radome to minimize signal loss.
2 Receiver ready.
32" Diameter, 12.5" Height
Color: Off White