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Panasonic PT-L600UL SXGA 3600 Lumens LCD Projector
Brand: Panasonic
Part Number: PTL6600UL

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Product Details:
The Panasonic PT-L6600U and PT-L6600UL LCD projector gives true SXGA resolution (UXGA max.), allowing display of detailed computer graphics and text. When displaying images of other types, the signals are expanded or compressed through a digital processing system. This assures smooth outlines and outstanding picture definition with all types of images.

The Panasonic PT-L6600U and PT-L6600UL LCD projector are equipped with a digital video interface (DVI), which lets you connect with PCs for full digital image processing. You can also input signals from digital TV and DVD sources.
The Panasonic PT-L6600U and PT-L6600UL LCD projector provide the quality and performance needed in almost any application. Use them in meeting rooms, theaters, museums, convention halls, public spaces, schools, research labs—anyplace where bright, beautiful images are a plus. Also, the superb resolution made possible by digital RGB input delivers images with exceptional detail and accuracy. This makes the Panasonic PT-L6600U and PT-L6600UL LCD projector suitable for use as main systems for monitoring traffic or electric power, or in operation centers such as police, fire, air traffic control, and space development centers.

The Panasonic PT-L6600UL LCD projector delivers the same superior performance as the Panasonic PT-L6600U LCD projector, but come with no lens. Combine the Panasonic PT-L6600UL LCD projector with an optional lens to get the exact performance you need according to usage and operating conditions.


  • BriteOptic/Dual Lamp System
  • Selectable Operation Lamp Modes
  • High Contrast Ratio - 400:1
  • Excellent Motion Picture (Digital Cinema Reality)
  • True SXGA Resolution (Compressed UXGA Resolution)
  • 30"" - 300"" Diagonal Image Size
  • DTV and Component Video Ready - 480i/625i/480p/720p/1080i
  • Powered Zoom, Powered Focus, Powered Lens-shift
  • Digital Keystone Correction : +/- 20 degrees
  • Various Input/Output Terminals
  • Advanced Shutter
  • Body Size Matches 2ft x 2ft Ceiling Panel
  • Lens Position - Center of the Body
  • Dual Stackable
  • Low Fan Noise : 36dB at Standard Mode Operation
  • Function for Supporting Installation - RS232C (in/out), Wireless/wired remote, contact closure, test pattern, etc."


    LCD Panel
    1.3"" TFT Active Matrix Poly-Si (x3) with MLA (1,366 x 1,024 dot)
    3600 ANSI lumens at Dual Lamp/High Mode
    Powered Zoom/Focus, F: 1.7-2.3mm, F: 49.1-1-63.8mm (optional for PT-L6600UL)
    Lens Shift
    Powered /10:10-0:10 variable (vertical)
    VGA (Expansion) - UXGA (Compression)
    DTV (Component) : 480i/625i/480p/720p/1080i
    Input Terminals
    RGB/Component IN: HD-Dsub15-pin x 1, BNC x 5
    Digital RGB IN : DVI-D x 1
    Composite Video : BNC x 1
    S-Video : Mini DIN 4-pin x 1
    Output Terminals: RGB/Component (HD-Dsub15pin), Digital RGB (DVI-D), Video (BNC), S-Video (Mini DIN 4pin)
    Control: RS232C (in/out) D-sub9pin, US up/down, Contact closure, Wired Remote
    Screen Size
    30"" to 300"" diagonally
    Desk/Ceiling, front/rear, dual stackable
    Power Requirements
    AC 100-120V 50/60Hz, 600W
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    495 x 169 x 495 mm (19.5"" x 6.7"" x 19.5"")
    13.8 kg (30.5 lbs)