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Excalibur Excalibur Stainless Keyless Entry Car Alarm
Brand: Excalibur
Part Number: AL500


Product Details:
Product Description
The Excalibur AL-500 features light flash, siren and horn honk output, programmable auxiliary channels and Immobilizer Mode. This unit includes two stylish 4-button transmitters, a mini electronic 6-tone siren, a starter interrupt socket and relay, and an AU-84TM dual zone shock sensor. Turn on the ignition, then press the valet switch 5 times and wait for siren to chirp confirmation of entry into programming mode. Press and release any button on each remote to be coded (one at a time). The system will respond to each with an audible confirmation.

Black 4-Button transmitters, with stainless steel trim, with Lock, Unlock, 2nd & 3rd channel small lower buttons.
Press and release to arm/lock. Press and hold to activate panic.
Press and release to disarm/unlock.

Weight: 5