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Bazooka Bazooka EL Series ELW1514P 15-Inch Woofer
Brand: Bazooka
Part Number: ELW1514P

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Product Details:
Product Description
We have refined the already spectacular lineup of EL woofers with PP reinforced paper cones, huge voice coils, rubber surrounds, foam edge gaskets, custom baskets, a large magnet with bumped back plates and rear venting. And like all other Bazooka woofers, the EL woofers are designed to utilize the optional Bazooka liquid cooling C.H.I.L system, a quick way to get over 50-Percent more RMS power handling. These woofers have proven to audiophiles around the world that a woofer doesn't have to have a big price tag to deliver big performance

Features Paper Woofer Cone & Rubber Surround
Single 4_ Voice Coil
Up To 500W Power Handling
Chil Compatible

Weight: 16
Width: 6.75
Height: 15.5
Length: 15.5