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Juice Juice AAA-4 pack Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries
Brand: Juice
Part Number: JRAAA4


Product Details:
Product Description
Juice TM Takes Charge TM proprietary Rechargeable Alkaline batteries offer the high performance characteristics of throwaway alkaline batteries together with the low cost environmental benefits of a rechargeable system. Juice TM represents a new standard in value and performance and an unprecedented improvement over present throwaway alkaline and many rechargeable technologies currently available. Unlike other rechargeable systems, Juice TM Rechargeable Alkaline batteries come fully charged and ready to use right out of the package. Juice TM Rechargeable Alkaline is a 1.5V system vs. other 1.2V rechargeable systems. Available in blister packs of 4 AAA Rechargeable Alkaline batteries. No memory effect. Recharge anytime. Performance is excellent in intermittent use. Rechargeable Alkaline has higher capacity than NiCad and devices run longer between recharges. Free of toxins (mercury & cadmium) and can be disposed of in normal household waste. Typical applications in; toys, radios, clocks, cameras, electric razors, fire detectors, flashlights, tape recorders, pagers, remote controls or in any devices where a throwaway alkaline is used.

Recharge up to 100 times
Low Cost
Alkaline Batteries ready to use out of the pack
Recharge anytime, Easy to use
New Innovative Technology