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Hosa Hosa GPR-101 RCA Female to 1/4" Male Adaptor (2-Pieces)
Brand: Hosa
Part Number: 101

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Product Description
If you can't afford to spend a week's equipment allowance for a few cables, then look no further than the regular Hosa brand for professional cables that work as hard as you do. Hosa pays strict attention to the basics of cable design and construction. It makes sure that the cables are well-shielded from external sources of radio-frequency and current-induced noise and that they're of the proper gauge and of high copper purity to ensure low capacitance. Correct soldering techniques are used to eliminate "cold-solder" joints, which could cause intermittent connections or "ground hums". Finally Hosa makes sure that the jacket and head-shell/strain-relief combination are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the intended application. Hosa provides all of these benefits in every cable it makes.

Hosa cables are known for their reliability and can be found in recording studios around the world
Their line is very extensive and covers any recording need from digital cables to multipin snakes

Weight: 2
Width: 1
Height: 3
Length: 7