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Audiovox Audiovox Car FLDL1 Immobilizer Override Doorlock Interface
Brand: Audiovox
Part Number: FLDL1


Product Details:
Product Description
This product supports all our vehicle integration solutions in one for both passive anti-theft bypass (transponder, Vats, Passlock, PK3, etc...) and convenience features such as doorlocks, trunk release, sliding door control (where applicable) etc.. Do note that some solutions require additional accessories so please refer to our vehicle fit guide for more information. Common Downloadable Software Flashlogic (RS232) Communication Flashlogic 2-WAY Compatible Flashlogic Feature Selection Transponder Bypass Data Immobilizer Bypass Relay Control for optional ADS-RNGDoorlock Control Door Lock Door Unlock Power Sliding Door (left) Power Sliding Door (right) Priority Unlock Alarm Control Alarm control from OEM remotes Arm OEM Alarm Disarm OEM AlarmConvenience Features Heated Seats Activation Panic Mode Power liftgate Rear Defrost Control Tailgate Window Release Trunk/Hatch ReleaseInstaller Features Brake Pedal Status Output Door Status Output Hand Brake Output Hood Status OutputMultiplex Accessory Control Multiplex Starter Control Puddle Light Control Radio (RAP) Shutdown Control Tachometer Output Trunk Status Output.
Weight: 0.4