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KEF KEF CI400WH 4-Inch 2-Way Uni-Q Wall Mount Satellite Speaker
Brand: KEF
Part Number: CI400WH


Product Details:
Product Description
Developed from the multi-award winning KHT2005, the CI400WH is an innovative loudspeaker offering many advantages and benefits to the professional installer. The discreet, but aesthetically pleasing, cast aluminum enclosure houses a 100 millimeter UNI-Q driver array designed to provide ultra wide dispersion and uniformity of sound quality throughout the listening area - an essential attribute for commercial applications. Unlike other so-called coincident source loudspeakers, KEF's revolutionary UNI-Q technology positions a fully functioning moving coil tweeter at the exact acoustic center of the mid/bass cone. The use of high-grade crossover components in conjunction with the UNI-Q array contribute to hi-fi sound quality across the full frequency range, making the product ideal for both foreground and background music. The adjustable ball joint between the loudspeaker cabinet and heavy duty-mounting bracket provides flexibility in positioning, enabling horizontal or vertical placement on walls, ceilings, in corners, or on shelves. An optional transformer is available, mounted within the bracket, for use with 70/100 volt line systems. With a choice of silver, soft black or pearl white finishes, it caters for a variety of interior decor schemes and architectural specifications, and is ideally suited to commercial installations such as bars, restaurants, leisure facilities or retail outlets.

2-way speaker suited for high quality music and speech reinforcement applications
100-millimeter polypropylene bass/mid cone and coincident mounted, twin neodymium magnet, 19-millimeter aluminum dome, high-frequency unit
Adjustable ball joint and heavy duty bracket allows for flexibility in placement and positioning
Compact cast aluminum enclosure
1-year warranty

Weight: 5
Width: 14.13
Height: 7.63
Length: 10