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Nortel Nortel A0757152 GN Netcom Telephony Ear/Headset with Microphone
Brand: Nortel
Part Number: A0757152


Product Details:
Product Description
First Quality. This is the GN Netcom Liberation CTI Headset (Part # A0757152) manufactured by Nortel. It originally retailed for about $60.00. The cable is 9 feet long (2.7m). It includes a lapel clip to help manage the cord and keep it out of your way.

Plug and Play. Turn your PC into a free long distance service. Just plug it into your sound card,
Convenient. Work hands free. Combined with your computer's speakerphone capabilities, you can also
Frequency Range: 250 - 4,000 Hz
Current Usage: Less than 300+A

Weight: 1
Width: 8.1
Height: 6.6
Length: 2.6