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Sennheiser Sennheiser SH 350 Over the Head Headset (Binaural)
Brand: Sennheiser
Part Number: SH350


Product Details:
Product Description
When you have to concentrate and attention to detail is important, Sennheiser office headsets help you to stay on top of the job. Light and comfortable to wear, you are free to work without distraction. Sennheiser office headsets with reliable, high-quality performance and design provide you with professional assistance in your office.PRODUCT FEATURES:Compatible with all major telephone systems;Active anti-shock in earpieces safeguards against acoustic shock and hearing impairment with prolonged use.;Noise canceling microphone;Modern, lightweight design for extended use;Comfortable, adjustable headband and replaceable ear pads;High-quality workmanship;Frequency response curve optimized for excellent speech clarity;Sennheiser-specific Easy Disconnect facility.

Exremely lightweight and comfortable
Microphone and headband are all adjustable
Noise cancelling further reduces stress
Pivoting microphone boom for easy transport mand storage
Two sided headset

Weight: 0.55
Width: 5
Height: 8
Length: 8