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Cables To Go Cables To Go - 27063 - 50in Round Internal Ultra320 LVD/SE 68-Pin Cable 4-Device with Terminator
Brand: Cables To Go
Part Number: 27063


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Product Description
Be ready for the next high speed SCSI protocol, plus minimal clutter, a clean looking cables and increased air flow with Molded Round Ultra320 cables from Cables To Go. Ultra320 SCSI provides the most competitive performance choice for high-traffic workstations, servers, multi-user systems, and storage area networks (SANs). This high-quality cable supports both single-ended and LVD connections. The cable allows for tight impedance control, and is designed to maintain single-ended and differential impedance. And these cables reduce over-heating and save internal space within the CPU unit for easy movement when adding or removing hard drives, PCI cards or other adapters. All Cables To Go SCSI cables adhere to SCSI specifications to ensure maximum performance and data integrity.

Round Ultra2/Ultra160/Ultra320 LVD/SE 4-device SCSI cable with terminator
Lifetime warranty
Blue color

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