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Peerless Small Mount Dedicated Tilt Bracket, Requires A Specific Plp Or LCD Adapter Plate
Brand: Peerless
Part Number: ST16D


Product Details:
Product Description
The SmartMount Dedicated line provides screen-speci c solutions for mounting medium to large sized at panel screens. Both at and tilting models are available and compatible with Peerless' comprehensive inventory of screen-speci c PLP adapter plates, ensuring a precise t for almost any plasma or LCD screen. Additionally, installers can choose from either a wall plate for 16" stud centers, perfect for any portrait-style applications, or a more versatile wall plate for 16"-24" stud centers. All models ship pre-assembled for fast and easy installation.

Features - 200 lb weight load capacity ;Mounts to wood studs, concrete, cinder block, or metal studs (with accessory metal stud fasteners) ;Holds screen only 3.01In from wall ;
Product Type - SmartMount
Color - Black

Weight: 10.1
Width: 0.19
Height: 0.1