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Cables To Go Cables to Go Dual Serial ATA Power Splitter - Power splitter - 4 pin internal power (M) - 15 pin SATA power - black
Brand: Cables To Go
Part Number: DualSerialATAPowerSp


Product Details:
Product Description
Cables To Go offers the latest in IDE conversion technology. The Serial ATA IDE converter board provides an inexpensive way for you to increase performance of your legacy IDE devices. Take advantage of Serial ATA technology by updating your existing devices to be compliant with your new Serial ATA controller.PRODUCT FEATURES:Compliant with Serial ATA specifications, revision 1.0;Allows you to connect existing IDE drives to your Serial ATA host adapter;Plugs directly into the 40-pin IDE connector, no PCI-slot is required.

Sold Individually

Weight: 0.69
Width: 4.7
Height: 0.7
Length: 3.4