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Peerless Peerless Universal Flat Panel Arm Articulating Wall Mount ( PLAV60)
Brand: Peerless
Part Number: PLAV60


Product Details:
Product Description
Designed for easy installation even in hard to access areas like custom frames and recessed cubby holes, the PLAV60 includes a vertical adjustment feature located within reach behind the screen that enables you to adjust the screen position up to an inch up or down for perfect placement. Swing, tilt and extend your plasma or LCD screen with ease thanks to self-lubricating bushings at every pivot joint. The PLAV60's adjustable tilt and pivot allow you to position your screen for the optimal viewing angle, making it a great articulating arm, as well as ideal installation tool.

Sold Individually

Weight: 38
Width: 17.12
Height: 7.37
Length: 23.12