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Startech STARTECH 36in Premium Round Ultra Ata 100 Ide Cable
Brand: Startech
Part Number: IDE100RND36


Product Details:
Product Description
The 36-inch Dual Drive IDE Cable is designed to fit as a new or replacement hard drive or CD-ROM cable in almost any size of computer case. These IDE cables are rounded, providing your workstation with increased airflow capabilities, allowing your cooling system to work more efficiently, thereby increasing its reliability. Dual drive connectors allow a master and slave device to be connected. This cable supports hard disk drives, CD-ROMs, Tape Backups, Zip drives, DVD-ROM, or any ATA peripheral.

Improves air flow inside the PC case
Allows for better access to the components inside the case
Installation is easier and less frustratin

Weight: 2
Width: 5
Height: 11
Length: 2