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Axiom Axiom 128MB module #311-2501 for Dell Dimensions
Brand: Axiom
Part Number: 3112501AX


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Product Description
Axiom has made reliability the cornerstone of its product strategy and the company is dedicated to exceeding the industry standard when it comes to detail, quality and consistency. Offering perhaps the broadest line of upgrade products in the industry, Axiom manufactures and distributes virtually every type of memory modules available.This memory is designed for Dimension 8100 1.3G; Dimension L1.0G, L800cx, L866, L933, L933R.

Axiom 128MB module #311-2501 for Dell Dimensions
One of the cheapest ways to increase your computer performance and speed up your computer.
SDRAM is designed to synchronize itself with the clock cycle timings between the memory and the computer bus to maximize performance and prevent system problems.
Axiom offers virtually every SDRAM module available in the market today.
Founded in 1995, Axiom Memory Solutions has quickly become a leader in providing memory and storage products to the world's largest resellers, distributors and OEMs.

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