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Cables To Go Cables To Go - 03564 - 6ft SCSI-2 MD50 M/M Cable
Brand: Cables To Go
Part Number: 03564


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Product Description
SCSI-2, also known as FAST SCSI, offers 5 Mbps data tranfer rate and increased functionality over SCSI-1 cabling. To ensure you enjoy the benefit of the increased performance, use the quality SCSI-2 cables from CTG. With Fast SCSI's high density Micro DB50 Connector, the quality of wire used in the construction of the cable is critical. CTG uses 132 Ohm high impedance wire as recommended by the industry standard. Not only are the physical properties of the wire vital, but the placement of certain signals on specific pairs within the wire bundle becomes crucial for maximum performance. Shielding of CTG cables is meticulously handled by soldering 360 degrees from the shielding of the wire to the metal shell which shields the connector. The squeeze latches which fasten the cable to the device are solid, perfectly located for easy plug-in and removal, and ensure an on-going, dependable connection.

Sold Individually

Weight: 0.75
Width: 6
Height: 0.8
Length: 6.3