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Belkin Belkin Active EXT SCSI Terminator HD68M Single End W/Thumbscrews
Brand: Belkin
Part Number: F2N990T


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Product Description
When John Atanasoff constructed the first semi-electronic digital computing device in 1939 he never could have imagined that over sixty years later, Belkin Components would carry every SCSI cable imaginable. Used with SCSI devices, like a scanner, which have a Micro DB68 female port. Belkin active terminators provide the clearest data signal maximizing signal integrity.PRODUCT FEATURES:State-of-the-art wiring design ensures 100% compatibility;Supports SCSI I and SCSI II transmission speeds;Single-ended/active termination;Ground indents provide excellent conductivity and retention with mating connector;Gold plated copper contacts for a clean, clear transmission.

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Weight: 0.14
Width: 2.5
Height: 0.1
Length: 2.5