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D-Link DUB-C3AE USB 2.0 Extension Cable (10 Feet)
Brand: D-Link
Part Number: DUBC3AE


Product Details:
Product Description
D-Link's USB 2.0 cables are USB-IF certified to ensure that your USB devices will work and operate at the fastest speed possible. USB 2.0 extends the speed of the peripheral-to-PC connection up to 480 Mbps, which is 40 times faster than USB 1.1. USB 2.0 cables can also be used to connect legacy USB 1.1 devices. The higher bandwidth supports such applications as digital image creation and web publishing, where multiple hi-speed peripherals run simultaneously. This cable is designed to extend the cord length of a USB-equipped device, and is 10 feet long.

USB 2.0 technology
One male USB-A connector on the first side
One female USB-A connector on the second side
10 feet long
1-year warranty

Weight: 2
Width: 8.5
Height: 1.1
Length: 4.4