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Eaton Electrical 12KVA 208V Powerware BladeUPS
Brand: Eaton
Part Number: ZC121P060100000

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Product Description
The Eaton Electrical 12KVA 208V PowerWare BladeUPS is a robust, compact power quality solution that does not generate the additional heat associated with legacy end-of-row, modular UPS products. The Powerware BladeUPS is designed to be one of the most flexible UPS devices on the market. It can be deployed in a number of configurations, from a distributed architecture (one in every rack), to end of row (up to six units in a rack), to a central system (not on the IT floor, but in the electrical closet). In addition, the exceptionally high efficiency rating is not a large energy cost burden when installed in-line with the output of a large, central UPS or in highly critical computing areas where dual UPS redundancy (2N) is required.

Power rating: 12-kW per UPS module
Input voltage: 208V
Output voltage: 180 to 255 VAC, Ph to Ph
13 minutes of battery runtime at half load, 4.8 minutes at full load
LCD control panel and LED indicator lights

Weight: 311
Width: 0.17
Height: 0.1