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ATEN 4-PORT Video Audio HDtv Switch Component Video Ir Remote Cntrl
Brand: ATEN
Part Number: VS431


Product Details:
Product Description
The 4 port VS-431 makes plugging and unplugging devices a thing of the past. This high quality component video (YPbPr) switch with on-board stereo audio is perfect for HDTV enthusiasts who want to add more inputs to their high-definition display. Use the VS-431 to effortlessly connect a DVD player and set-top box or satellite receiver to your HDTV or projector. Or, for the home theater buff, the VS-431 provides a complete switching solution. The IR remote is an added convenience, allowing you to enjoy multimedia switching from the comfort of your seat. The VS-431 HDTV switch supports high-end digital video devices such as DVD players and recorders, set-top boxes, satellite receivers, and more. It also works well for high-definition editing systems.

Sold Individually

Weight: 2.86
Width: 4
Height: 12
Length: 7