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Lind MP90-PA Power Pack - Battery charger - AC 110/240 V lithium ion 140 Wh
Brand: Lind
Part Number: MP90PAPowerPack


Product Details:
Product Description
An even more powerful lightweight rechargeable LiIon power pack for Panasonic laptops. 140 WattHours of battery power can make the runtime up to 8 hours. Extend your runtime when away from standard power sources. Great for extensive application projects, watching DVD movies, playing games and listening to music. Uninterrupted runtime all day in the classroom.The Power Pack is compatible with Panasonic Toughbook models CF18, CF29, CF48, CF50, CF73, T1, R1, W2 series.
Weight: 4.95
Width: 15
Height: 2
Length: 9