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Digi Host Adapters
Brand: Digi
Part Number: 70001362


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Product Description
The Digi AccelePort Xr 920, one of the industry's best known multiport serial I/O cards, was designed for use in multi-user (retail point-of-sale, industrial control processing, data collection and office automation) and Remote Access Service (RAS) applications.An on-board 32-bit IDT RISC processor delivers high performance with speeds up to 921.6 Kbps. CPU utilization is optimized by efficiently handling serial I/O communication interrupts, character processing and data transfers. Hardware/software flow control ensures the absolute data integrity required for your most active remote access applications and "mission-critical" multi-user environments. The AccelePort Xr 920 Family is compatible with V.34 and V.90 external modems.

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Weight: 5
Width: 0.5
Height: 4.2
Length: 6.88