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IOGear GHDMI1002P CAT-2 Series 1000 HDMI Cable - 2m (Black)
Brand: IOGear
Part Number: GHDMI1002P


Product Details:
Product Description
IOGear GHDMI1002P 6.5ft (2m) HDMI v.1.3c CAT-2 Series 1000 cable provides both high-definition video and multi-channel audio connection between any digital HDTV/ displays and digital source devices such as DVD players, DVRs, digital set-top boxes (cable/satellite), A/V receivers, game consoles and many more. Requirements:HDTV or computer monitor with HDMI connections, HD digital content media devices with HDMI connections such as DVD player, DVR players, video game console, A/V receivers, media servers, computers, set top boxes and many more, backward compatible with DVI devices with a DVI/HDMI adapter.

HDMI v1.3c certified and HDCP Compliant
Gas Injected Dielectric process for optimum signal strength
High-density Triple-shielding for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI
Gold-plated connectors for optimal signal transfer and corrosion resistance
1080p/60 Support

Weight: 0.2
Width: 0.13
Height: 78
Length: 78