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Chief LCDA-230C - Mounting component ( ceiling mount ) for projector - black - ceiling mountable
Brand: Chief
Part Number: LCDA230C

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Product Description
A universal solution for mounting upright LCD/DLP projectors, the LCDA Series Mount holds projectors on an adjustable tray and allows you to tighten the mount around your projector for a secure fit. The LCDA provides you with Chief's classic independent adjustments for quick, easy registration. Use the LCDA Series Mount when you want to install a portable projector in the ceiling and take it down frequently for traveling.PRODUCT FEATURES:Universal mount for upright projectors;Compact design;Easy installation;Roll, Pitch and Yaw adjustments;Convenient lamp and filter access;Three ceiling mounting methods.This product is designed for the following systems:Apollo Explorer 575;Apollo QXL575;ASK Impression 860;ASK Impression 960;Chisholm Aurora S350;Dukane ImagePro 7010;Dukane ImagePro 8010;Eiki LC-120;Eiki LC-180;Eiki LC-180AR;Eiki LC-200;JVC LX-D300;nView L-605;nView L-800;nView L-801;Panasonic PT-L292U;Panasonic PT-L390U;Philips LC-2100;Philips LC-3000G;Philips ProScreen 4500;Philips ProScreen 4600 Enduran;Philips ProScreen 4600 Impact;Philips ProScreen 4650;Philips ProScreen 4700 Definitio;Philips ProScreen 4750;Philips ProScreen 4750 Impact;Philips ProScreen 5000;Polaroid Polaview-201;Polaroid Polaview-211;Polaroid Polaview-211 E;Prolux 400;Prolux 800ST;Sharp XG-E670;Sharp XG-E670U;Sharp XG-E690U;Sharp XG-E690UB;Vidikron Crystal I;Viewsonic PJ800;Viewsonic PJ820.
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