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XO Vision XOvision XOD1742BT - Double Din DVD player with 7" touchscreen display, AM/FM/CD/iPod, Bluetooth
Brand: XO Vision
Part Number: XOD1742BT


Product Details:
Product Description
The 16:9 wide screen display is an enhanced resolution screen which brings out the finest details to life. The screen is fully motorized so you can move it up or down according to your taste. You won't want to leave your car!Featuring Bluetooth technology, which allows you to connect multiple handsets at the same time, dial a number directly from the screen or listen to music wirelessly right off your phone! No extra wires or adapters needed - Bluetooth is built into this unit!Allows user to operate almost all functions with the touch of a finger. Easy and convenient, it takes away the hassle of ever needing a remote. You can even navigate during DVD play via touch whether pausing a DVD or visiting the main menu.The built-in high powered amplifier delivers up to 320 watts of power while not compromising on the integrity of the sound. Superb sound whether you're watching a movie or just listening to the radio, this unit will deliver crystal clear sound at unrivaled loudness.This unit not only plays burned DVDs and Karaoke CD/DVDs, but it can also play MP3 and MPEG-4 formats which make it ideal for the technologically savvy consumer or anyone who wants the freedom to play almost anything on their system. The backup camera input makes hooking up a camera both easy and convenient. The USB and SD card inputs allow you to play MP3s right off your phone or flash drive - it's that easy! ZpodLink provides iPod and iPod Video playback through your vehicle sound system via a direct connection between the iPod and in-dash unit (included). Radio, Karaoke, Movies, Jpeg Viewer, Crystal clear sound - this unit has it all!The interface of this unit has been completely revamped so now you can enjoy crisp new graphics with an easy to navigate menu. At any time during operation just press the menu button or the top left corner of the touch screen to return to the original menu.

7" Enhanced Resolution Touch Screen, Wide Screen Display
Fully Motorized with Angle Adjustment by touch
Built-In Mini-USB Input and SD Card Input
Built-In DVD Player (Worldwide Compatible) which supports DVD, MP4(AVI/DivX/5.X), VCD, MP3, JPG, SVC
Built-In TV Tuner with Antenna

Weight: 7.8
Width: 10
Height: 10
Length: 10