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Peerless Flat Panel Stand FPZ-670 - Stand for flat panel - cold-rolled steel - black - screen size: 50" - 71" - mounting interface: 100 x 100 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 200 x 100 mm
Brand: Peerless
Part Number: FPZ670

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Product Details:
Product Description
FPZ-670 is the only stand on the market that is designed to support up to two 50" to 71" screens back-to-back. It is one of the sharpest looking, most robust and functional stands ever. It is complemented by its sturdy base that provides plenty of concealed room for content drivers and surge protectors. Its internal cable management system conceals cables and cords, delivering a clean look for any application.
Weight: 203
Width: 0.39
Height: 0.72