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Atdec V-FS-DV Visidec Dual Mount LCDs 12-24 Silver Incl Cable Mgmt/all Hardware
Brand: Atdec
Part Number: VFSDV


Product Details:
Product Description
Atdec V-FS-Q Dual Vertical Mount for up to 24" LCD Displays Atdecs comprehensive range of wall mounts provides an ingenious solution for every requirement where saving space and viewing flexibility is the key. In the home and commercial environments Atdec wall mounts allow your monitor or TV to be displayed in a prominent position without the need for additional furniture. Choose from Atdecs range of Swing Arms, Articulated Arms, and Fixed or Rotating mounting options that can carry displays from 12 LCD monitors to 63 LCD TVs and plasma TVs.


Weight: 14
Width: 13
Height: 4
Length: 32