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TRENDnet Gigabit PCI Adapter
Brand: TRENDnet
Part Number: TEGPCITXR

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Product Details:
Product Description
TRENDnets TEG-PCITXR 32-bit 10/100/1000Mbps Copper Gigabit Ethernet adapter is a high-bandwidth network adapter that auto-senses 10/100/1000Mbps connection speed, half/full-duplex modes, and MDI-X media type. It includes the latest VLAN tagging to efficiently utilize network bandwidth for maximum data throughput. With its 2000Mbps bandwidth capacity, TRENDnets TEG-PCITXR is ideal for high traffic Power Server and Video-Conferencing Workstation.

Product Type - Adapter
Warranty - 5 Years
Protocol - CSMA/CD
Data Transfer Rate

Weight: 0.15
Width: 4.7
Height: 2.3
Length: 0.6