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Startech USB To Sata External HDD Dock Adapter for 2.5/3.5
Brand: Startech
Part Number: SATADOCKU2


Product Details:
Product Description
This external hard drive dock adapter functions as a SATA HDD docking station - providing full, instant access to any 2.5in or 3.5in SATA (SATA, SATA II, SATA/300) hard drive - without having to mount the hard drive in a computer or install it in an enclosure! Simply connect the hard drive dock to a host computer through USB 2.0, then insert a SATA hard drive into the dock whenever needed. To uninstall or swap the hard drive, just remove it from the dock! The USB to SATA External HDD Dock Adapter supports plug and play hard drive installation on most operating systems, and offers data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps - providing a convenient alternative to external hard drive enclosures and saving the time needed to prepare the drive for conventional installation.


Weight: 3
Width: 0.03
Height: 0.02