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Startech .COM PS23N1THIN50 50FT 3-IN-1 Ultra Thin Cable
Brand: Startech
Part Number: PS23N1THIN50


Product Details:
Product Description's thin, universal 3-in-1 KVM switch cables are designed to be the highest quality tangle-free KVM switch cables available. These cables combine separate keyboard, monitor, and mouse in to one cable split apart at each end, which helps to reduce confusing tangling - making troubleshooting and maintenance easier. Their thin cable construction saves spaces and gives a neater appearance in the cable's application. The single-cable construction also increases flexibility while the reduced weight limits the stress placed on KVM switch connectors.This design makes them inherently tangle-free and easier to manage since the total cable count is reduced to 1/3 PC99 compliant color-coded connector ends. They are compatible with any KVM switch capable of using standard console connections like the StarView, OmniView, SwitchView, Compaq, IBM, or the MasterView. The VGA video section of the cable is coaxial which eliminates picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images.This cable is designed for connecting KVM switches to servers inside a cabinet.

Ultra-thin construction saves space
Single cable design improves flexibility
Coaxial video wires provides crystal clear display quality
3-in-1 design saves space and reduces tanglin

Weight: 2.2
Width: 9.25
Height: 12.75
Length: 2.25