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Pioneer DJM-909 2-Channel Professional DJ Mixer
Brand: Pioneer
Part Number: DJM909

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Product Details:

  • Precise crossfader/fade curve control
  • User-customizable cross fader glide adjustment and touch screen control of the built-in effects
  • Sensitive yet solid EQ knobs
  • Durable transform switches
  • Precise and accurate crossfader curve control
  • "Non-contact" crossfader technology with unprecedented durability and reliability
  • Precise and customizable cross fader
  • Durable crossfader has double fade control allowing each half of the crossfader the ability to be adjusted independently
  • Fader curves can also be seen and adjusted with visual reference on the mixers fader curve adjust screen
  • Each channel fader curve can be adjusted from a smooth volume change to a dynamic volume ON/OFF at the tip of the channel faders (bottom or top)
  • Connect with Pioneers CDJ series to employ the fader start capability
  • Automatically start or stop playback by the sliding crossfader or channel-fader
  • Mixer Layout
  • Built-in effects and a touch-sensitive display Open fader area for scratching and beat juggling
  • Session line-in with volume control, cueable master output, mic input, and selectable phono/line switches
  • Tempo tap button, cueable effects switch, and a plug-in for footswitch to control effects.
  • 50 effects can be independently assigned, utilized, and tweaked through the mixers user-friendly touch screen control
  • Additional knobs for further parameter adjustments
  • Effect presets range from Fader Synths to Transform and from Touch Phaser to Vocoder
  • A send/return is built-in to connect an external effector
  • Fader effect can be assigned to a channel fader or crossfader from the touch screen so that the faders are capable of controlling and varying the effects parameter simply by moving the crossfader or channel fader
  • Beat Effect synchs effects with the BPM for high accuracy effect timing
  • Auto BPM counter for quickly viewing the song tempo

  • Frequency Response LINE/MIC 20Hz~20kHz
      PHONO (RIAA) 20Hz~20kHz
    Signal-to-noise Ratio LINE 87dB
      PHONO 77dB
      MIC 64dB
    Distortion Rate CD, LINE 0.02% or Less
    Cross Talk (1kHz) 70dB or more
    Channel Equalizer (LINE/PHONO) HI +6dB, -26dB
      MID +6dB, -26dB
      LOW +6dB, -26dB
    Mic Equalizer (MIC) HI +12dB, -12dB
      LOW +12dB, -12dB
    Power Requirements AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption 30W
    Dimension (WxDxH) 251 x 381.6 x 107.9
    Weight 6.5kg