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Siig FireWire 2-Port PCIe (NN-E20012-S2)
Brand: Siig
Part Number: NNE20012S2


Product Details:
Product Description
1.PCI Express 1-lane (x1) FireWire adapter works with PCI Express slots with different lane width .2.Installs in any available PCI Express slot and supports data rates up to 400Mbps .3.Standard height and low profile brackets are included to work in different chassis form factors .4.Works with FireWire (1394a) devices including DV camcorder, CD-RW/DVD-ROM, portable hard disk, digital camera, and other audio/video devices .5.Works with Sony, Panasonic, Cannon, Sharp, JVC and many other DV camcorders for digital video creating/editing .6.RoHS compliant

Firewire Ports - 2
Firewire Support - IEEE1394a
Bus type - PCI Express x1
Port type - Two 6-pin external FireWire (1394a)

Weight: 2