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Monster M Dvi To F HDmi Adaptor
Brand: Monster
Part Number: 127857

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Product Description
When it comes to HDMI, higher speed means higher performance. Invest in a true High Speed HDMI cable, Monster 700HD, for all the vivid color, immersive sound and excitement you expect from your high definition home theater.With a cable bandwidth of greater than 4.95 Gbps, 700HD optimizes the performance of your 1080p HDTV, advanced DVD player, and HD cable/satellite receiver. The payoff: a breathtaking picture, free of common cable-induced artifacts, such as streaks and flashing pixels. Step up to 700HD and experience a level of high definition that's beyond expectations.

male DVI to female HDMI connection
passes digital video signal from HDMI cable to DVI input
PowerScrew thumbscrews for convenient adjustment
silver-plated copper wiring for optimal conductivity
24k gold contacts provide accurate signal transfer and maximum corrosion resistance

Weight: 0.2
Width: 3.7
Height: 1.5
Length: 5.5