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Monster QL GMT-H MKII Quicklock Gold Banana Connectors
Brand: Monster
Part Number: 127757

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Product Description
Speaker wire is made from copper wire that can corrode very quickly, rapidly deteriorating the performance of your cables and the overall performance of your system. To avoid this, always terminate your speaker wire with connectors. The kind of connector you need varies with the kinds of connectors on the back of your amp/receiver and your speakers. Monster's QuickLock connector system is the fastest, easiest way to install the right connector to your speaker cable for maximum performance and reliability.

Self-Crimping, Heavy-Duty, 24K Gold Contacts For
Maximum Signal Transfer
& Corrosion Resistance
2-Piece, Screw-On Design For Easy, Reliable, Crimpless,

Weight: 0.15
Width: 3.63
Height: 5.38
Length: 1.38