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Monster MC 200F-2M 6.56 Feet Coaxial 200 High Performance F-Pin Cables
Brand: Monster
Part Number: 12765200


Product Details:
Product Description
Enjoy a crisp, clear picture from Cable and Satellite TV, your RF antenna or other F-Pin RF signals. High-density shielding rejects interference. Precision-machined 24k gold contact connectors provide superior fit and conductivity, and all-copper solid-core construction maximizes signal strength. 100% aluminized Mylar foil shield and high-density copper braid for maximum rejection of outside EM and RF interference Duraflex protective jacket flexible for easy routing and installation Precise 75-Ohm impedance design for optimum video signal strength

Coaxial 200 High Performance F-Pin Cables
Low-Loss Dielectric For Efficient Transmission Of Video Signals
Patented 24K Gold Contact Connectors For Enhanced Signal Transfer & Corrosion Resistance.
Rubber "O" Ring Gripno-Slip Design Allows Easy Connector Handling
Flexible Low-Loss Dielectric For Enhanced Signal Integrity

Weight: 2.6
Width: 7.5
Height: 3
Length: 11.5