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Monster MC 200R-2M 6.56 Feet Composite Video 200 High Performance Cables
Brand: Monster
Part Number: 12764900


Product Details:
Product Description
Monster 200v High Performance Composite Video Cable is the advanced composite video cable for high quality picture from TVs, DVD players, cable/satellite receivers, camcorders, and more.Thin, ordinary patch cables that come with most components can actually limit signal transfer and degrade picture clarity. For affordable advanced performance, there?s Monster Cable Composite Video 200V.Unlike conventional cables, Monster 200V features advanced construction that minimizes ?video noise? for a sharper, clearer picture. Heavy-duty dual-layer shielding guards against outside EM and RF interference, while all-copper stranding and a low-loss dielectric maximize signal strength for improved overall video performance. Make the composite connections on your cable/satellite receiver, DVD player, and camcorder the best they can be with Monster 200V.

200 High-Performance Video Cable
Low-Cost, Balanced Construction & Twisted Pair Interconnect
Patented 24K Gold Contact 6-Cut Turbine Connectors For Enhanced Signal Transfer & Corrosion Resistance
Split-Tip Center Pin For Maximum Contact Pressure & Ultra-Low Signal Distortion
Rubber "O" Ring No-Slip Design Allows Easy Connector Handling

Weight: 2.5
Width: 7.5
Height: 3
Length: 11.5