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Monster MC 700CV-4M 13.12 Feet Component Video 700 Ultra High Performance Video Cables
Brand: Monster
Part Number: 127635

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Product Description
For the thrilling experience you expect from your HDTV, high definition DVD player, and HD cable/satellite receiver, you need a true high definition interconnect. When HDMI isn't an option, component video is your best bet. Introducing a better HD solution - Monster Cable 700CV. Certified for performance by the renowned Imaging Science Foundation, Monster 700CV sets a new standard for component video cable construction. Equipped with many of Monster's most advanced video technologies, from high-integrity 12-cut Turbine connectors to a nitrogen gas-injected dielectric, 700CV delivers rich blacks, razor-sharp definition, and dazzling color from today's elite widescreen HDTVs. For a true high-impact, high definition viewing experience, step up to Monster 700CV. Cord Length - 4 Meters ( 13.12 Feet )

Component Video 700 High-Performance Video Cable
For Hookup Of Dvd Player To Tv, Monitor, Projector, Satellite Receiver Or Line Doubler Using Component Video Outputs
Patented 24K Gold Contact 12-Cut Turbine Connectors For Improved Signal Transfer & Corrosion Resistance
Split-Tip Center Pin For Maximum Contact Pressure & Ultra-Low Signal Distortion
Striking Black Chrome Finish Complements The Look Of User'S Home Theater

Weight: 4
Width: 7.7
Height: 4
Length: 11.5