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Monster MC 200I-1M Stereo Audio 200 Advanced Performance Cables
Brand: Monster
Part Number: 12760600


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Product Description
The "line level" connections between your components are a critical link in the final sound of your favorite recordings and movies. Close to the source, they carry delicate low-level signals that are susceptible to sonic cable colorations.Ordinary coaxial cables, for instance, are vulnerable to problems like interference and can actually restrict dynamic range and frequency response. At best, their sound can be described as "artificial". For smoother, more natural sound, invest in a separate high-quality audio cable: Monster Cable Stereo Audio 200i.Even today's most basic audio and home theater components can reap the sonic benefits of a high-quality cable. Monster 200i is an excellent introduction to the Monster performance difference ? at the price of an ordinary cable. Two "balanced" conductors plus a shield reject interference - the type that causes hum and buzz in your system. Plus, 200i is terminated with precision-machined Turbine connector for enhanced signal transfer. Quality construction, excellent sound reproduction ? step up to Monster 200i.

Stereo 200 Advanced Performance Audio Cable
Low Cost, Balanced Construction & Twisted Pair Interconnect
Patented 24K Gold Contact 6-Cut Turbine Connectors For Enhanced Signal Transfer & Corrosion Resistance
Split-Tip Center Pin For Maximum Contact Pressure & Ultra-Low Signal Distortion
Rubber "O" Ring No-Slip Design Allows Easy Connector Handling

Weight: 2.5
Width: 7.5
Height: 3.2
Length: 11.5