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Monster Cable ULT I600-4 THX Ultra 600 Audio Interconnect
Brand: Monster
Part Number: 127053


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For Those Who Want the Best: Monster Ultra Series THX-Certified Home Theatre Cable Monster's Ultra Series is a result of hundreds of hours of critical listening, testing, re-evaluation, and engineering refinements. Only the most advanced Monster technologies, designs and materials were used. And of course, every cable had to meet the stringent certification standards set by THX. As you'll see and hear, the results are ultra impressive. Today's High Resolution Audio Sources Require Higher Performance Analog Audio Cable DVD Audio and Super Audio CD (SACD) are some of the highest quailty sources available today. How many analog cables you need depends upon the format. DVD Audio, for example, requires six channels of analog audio outpurs connecting to a proper AV receiver which has six channels of audio input. Introducing Monster Ultra Series THX-Certified Analog Audio Interconnects Whatever high resolution Audio format you use, Monster Ultra Analog Audio cables ensure that the accuracy and dynamic impact of the original signal is captured with more realism, more power, and amazing clarity. Leading edge technologies include Bandwidth Balanced multiple gauge wire networks for meticulous frequency response and elimination of phase distortions and time smear. The result is an exceptionally balanced, coherent sound.

Two-Way Bandwidth-Balanced Wire networks for smoother highs and deeper bass.
Separate protective mylar foil and copper braid shield for rejection of RFI and EMI.
Heavy-duty metal shell connector for a more durable connection.
24k gold, 8 cut Turbine connector for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance.
Exceeds THX certification standards for proper system performance, reliability and ease of installation.

Weight: 0.31