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Monster VGA Cable High Performance 14F
Brand: Monster
Part Number: 122093


Product Details:
Product Description
Monster Cable's High Performance VGA Cable gives you a high-resolution video signal for enhanced viewing experience, whether your are connecting your PC to a projector or laptop to your computer monitor. It has a high-density, triple-layer shielding for superior rejection of EM and RF interference. And uses a low-loss nitrogen-gas-injected dielectric which maximizes signal strength, even when the cable is bent. The 24k gold contacts optimize signal transfer while resisting corrosion. While the ultra-flexible, Duraflex protective jacket allows for easy routing and installation in tight spaces.

EM/RF interference rejection - High-density triple-layer shielding
Low-loss nitrogen-gas-injected dielectric
Contacts - 24k gold
Ultra-flexible, Duraflex protective jacket
Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

Weight: 3
Width: 8
Height: 12
Length: 4