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Lenovo ADD2 DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter - Add-on interface board - PCI Express x16 low profile - DVI ( HDCP )
Brand: Lenovo
Part Number: 43R1985


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Product Description
ThinkCentre users can now benefit from a convenient, low-cost method for connecting a DVI-D digital display monitor to the graphics controller of their ThinkCentre system. The Lenovo ADD2 DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter (HDCP) lets you have two monitors connected in a multimonitor environment.This adapter installs into a PCI Express x16 slot with an ADD2-compliant chipset. When the DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter is installed, the system's VGA connector is available for a conventional VGA monitor so that both displays can be used simultaneously in a clone-mode or in an extended ("stretched") desktop configuration.The ADD2 DVI-D Monitor Connection Adapter (HDCP) also supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), which is a digital rights management to control the digital audio and video content as it travels across the Digital Visual Interface (DVI). HDCP helps to prevent transmission of non-encrypted high-definition content. The desktop system encrypts signals before they are sent out as digital signals. The encrypted signals then pass through the DVI-D (ADD2) Connection Adapter to an "HDCP-enabled" DVI monitor. The DVI monitor decodes the incoming signals. If the DVI monitor is not "HDCP-enabled," the monitor cannot display the image.

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Weight: 0.12
Width: 5.9
Height: 2.2
Length: 9.4