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CTA Digital Portable Dual Speaker for Ipod
Brand: CTA
Part Number: IPASP


Product Details:
Product Description
The Nino Portable Dual Speaker for iPods and MP3 players is an excellent option for listeners who want to listen to or share their music without the hassle of wires and ear buds. This compact dual speaker is formed by two dome shaped tweeters that transmit your audio signal with precision and clarity. Its diminutive and lightweight size makes it perfect for travel; ideal for the mobile listener. Just insert the speaker into the headphone jack of your iPod and you're instantly connected. Whether you are in your car, at your desk in the work place, or relaxing within the confines of your home, the Nino is the perfect wireless, hands-free way to enjoy your favorite tunes.

2 dome-shaped tweeters

Weight: 1
Width: 6.1
Height: 1.6
Length: 5