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Siig USB To Expresscard Adapter Sup
Brand: Siig
Part Number: JU000012S1


Product Details:
Product Description
Quickly and easily adds one ExpressCard/54 slot (USB-based) to USB equipped desktop or notebook computers allowing older systems to use the latest ExpressCard adapter cards. Works with USB-based ExpressCard devices including Wireless Wide Area Network modems (such as CDMA, EV-DO, GPRS, etc.), flash memory, flash card adapters, security, legacy I/O (PS2, serial, parallel), optical disk drives, GPS receivers, and more. Important This adapter only works with USB-based ExpressCard devices. PCI-Express based ExpressCard devices will not be detected. Please check with your device manufacturer if you are not certain.

Compliant with USB specification, revision 2.0
Allows USB-based ExpressCard/54 /34 adapters to work through your system USB 2.0 port
Supports data transfer rate up to 480Mb/s
Share your USB-based ExpressCard devices between your laptop and desktop (with this adapter)

Weight: 2
Width: 7
Height: 2
Length: 9